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Rental Exhibits
Project No. 27465
Extruded aluminum island display with 14' tall storage tower and sheer fabric walls.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. 021914
16' tall storage room/tower with two double sided graphic headers and a semi private meeting space that includes a small separation wall and a sheer graphic privacy screen.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. 021814
Features (4) 16' tall double sided graphic A/V towers with lockable storage underneath. Light weight aluminum bridge and a 12'x 12' x 42" hanging sign bring the image together.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. 042314
16' tall front tower - 18' long connecting bridge with ceiling lights. Semi private conference room.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. 012215
Island exhibit with 16' tall graphic towers, 6 demo kiosks and a semi private meeting room

Rental Exhibits
Project No. 062916
(50 independent curved, double sided graphic towers ranging from 8' to 16'. Wide towers have AV and custom counters. (2) locking reception counters .

Rental Exhibits
Project No. 120216
Island features 14' tall center graphic tower with large monitors on both sides, 2 double sided work stations and large semi private meeting space in back with graphics on all sides. A 10'x48" square hanging sign ensures visibility throughout the show hall.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. SD1330
16' tall center storage graphic tower with custom ceiling, Demo curve structure can accommodate up to 4 individual work stations with monitors

Rental Exhibits
Project No. SD1372
16' tall double tower island exhibit will large storage room and meeting area and 2 double sided AV kiosks

Rental Exhibits
Project No. SD102313
16' tall graphic towers with storage room. Presentation area with 65" LED monitor. 3 custom AV demo kiosks and custom reception counter with locking storage.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. SD101313
(3) 10' wide x 8' tall product walls with product shelves or slatwall for products. Large format printed graphics. Graphic header surrounds the entire booth bringing the booth to 10' height. Double wide reception counter with locking storage.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. SD1364
16' center tower with 12'x42" round sign mounted to tower and (2) AV kiosks

Rental Exhibits
Project No. 021614
Features 4 curved A/V kiosks with double sided graphics and large lcd monitors. An 18' diameter x 24" tall double sided fabric graphic ring encloses the space and brings the elements together.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. 050813
Island exhibits with 4 double sided demo kiosks and large round hanging sign.... Camaro not included!

Rental Exhibits
Project No. 052215
16' tall center tower with full sized access door, double hanging sign and 4 work stations connected by bridges.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. 021627
Island exhibit with 16' tall tower and 12' tall outer walls. Custom laminate walls, large display case, large storage room with full sized access door and custom flooring

Rental Exhibits
Project No. 031714
16' tall graphic towers and header "ring" offering a clean open center for meeting or demo space.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. SD1274
Island exhibit featuring large graphic wall at 16' tall, AV kiosks and reception. Hanging sign does not require rigging from ceiling.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. SD1168
20x20 Octanorm exhibit featuring 16' tall tower with 14' tall large format graphics, curved bridges and custom monitor kiosks.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. SD1204
Island exhibit with large storage room and video wall and custom ceiling structure to define space.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. 021615
Island exhibit featuring two private meeting rooms, 16' tall tower with storage room and two double sided AV kiosks. Surrounding bridges help define exhibit space.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. 101014
20x20 retail style booth completely enclosed with 12' tall outer walls. Large header provides graphic exposure on all 4 sides. Features large reception/demo area and semi private meeting space in back.

Rental Exhibits
Project No. 052015
Large center room splits the booth space between large demo area and demo kiosks. Seamless graphic walls make an impressive display

Rental Exhibits
Project No. SD1334

Rental Exhibits
Project No. SD1111
16' tall center tower with semi private meeting area, 3 work stations with storage cabinets. Large demo monitor area.

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